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About the Workshop

The aim of the Stanford Humanities Center's program of research workshops is to foster the development and realization of latent research agendas in the humanities while providing new contexts for graduate training and dissertation research.

The Enlightenment and Revolution workshop undertakes an interdisciplinary excavation of a rich historical period (the very, very long eighteenth century), with a focus on the twinned categories of “Enlightenment” and “Revolution.” We strive to cross national boundaries and disciplines by bringing together a variety of scholars with different research interests.

The Bay Area has an active and growing community of faculty and graduate students pursuing research into the literature, culture, and history of the long eighteenth century. This workshop seeks to provide a forum for interdisciplinary intellectual exchange among faculty, graduate students, and other scholars.

The workshop meets four times each term at the Stanford Humanities Center. All meetings are open to the public.

If you are interested in presenting your own work-in-progress, please contact James Wood.

The Seminar on Enlightenment and Revolution is sustained by a grant from the Mellon Foundation.

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