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Arranged here are papers and links to material from previous SER events.

In the next month these files will be moved into the Humanities Network, where they will only be available to participants who log in to the network.

Do not cite any of this work without consulting the author. Some of the material archived here is work in progress; some of it is available in a more finished form elsewhere. Each document is the record of a moment past.


November 5, 2008

"The Essay as Form:
A Panel Discussion with Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, Robert Harrison and Nicholas Jenkins." MP3 of the Talk

October 24, 2005

Yair Mintzker
Department of History, Stanford University

"Enlightenment, Revolution, and Urban Space:
The Defortification of the German City, 1740-1815." Audio File

Yair Mintzker
Department of History, Stanford University

October 10, 2005

"Taste: A Book Discussion" Audio File

Denise Gigante
Department of English, Stanford University

Respondent: Jody Greene
Department of Literature, UC Santa Cruz

November 15, 2004

"On Translating Condorcet's 'Sketch.'" Audio File
A copy of this article is available in the 2004 Summer Edition of Daedalus.

Keith Baker
Department of History, Stanford University

January 10, 2005

"The Polyphony of Equality in Enlightenment Thought." Audio File

Siep Stuurman
Department of Societal History, Erasmus University

Links and Papers

September 29, 2003

"Adam Smith: Law, History and Political Economy." Word Document, Link to Cambridge Press

David Lieberman
School of Law, UC Berkeley University

October 27, 2003

"Urban Arcadia: Representations of the 'Dialect' of Naples in Linguistic Theory and Comic Theater, 1696-1780." Link to Eighteenth-Century Studies, vol. 35, no. 1 (2001) on Project Muse

Barabara Naddeo
Stanford Humanities Fellow in History

November 24, 2003

"Taming Time: A Historical and Literary Panorama of the French Revolutionary Calendar." Link to J. F Lefevre's Calendriere national.

Sanja Perovic
Department of Comparative Literature, Stanford University

February 2, 2004

"A Database of Eighteenth-Century Metaphors of Mind." Database

Brad Pasanek
English Department, Stanford University

April 19, 2004

"What is Enlightenment?" Word Document

Allen Wood
Department of Philosophy, Stanford University

May 10, 2004

"Georgic Modernity: Poetry, Media, and the Noise of History." Word Document, Link to Cambridge Press

Kevis Goodman
English Department, UC Berkeley

October 25, 2004

"Pastoral Populationism: Fenelon and the Devout Origins of an Enlightenment Theme." Word Document

Robert Scafe
Department of History, Stanford University

April 18, 2005

"Human Experimentation in the Eighteenth Century: Natural Boundaries and Valid Testing." Word Document, Link to University of Chicago Press

Londa Schiebinger
Department of History, Stanford University

May 2, 2005

"William Blake and the Impossible History of the 1790s." Link to University of Chicago Press.

Saree Makdisi
English Department, UCLA

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