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Faculty Coordinators

Dan Edelstein (Stanford, French and Italian)
Blakey Vermuele (Stanford, English)

Graduate Coordinator

James Wood (Stanford, English)

Core Faculty

Keith Baker (Stanford, History)
David Bates (UC Berkeley, Rhetoric)
John Bender (Stanford, English)
Terry Castle (Stanford, English)
Denise Gigante (Stanford, English)
Jody Greene (UC Santa Cruz, English)
Josh Landy (Stanford, History)
Seth Lerer (Stanford, English)
David Lieberman (UC Berkeley, Law)
Ruth Mackay (Stanford, History)
Michael Marrinan (Stanford, Art History)
Jessica Riskin (Stanford, History of Science)
Christopher Rovee (Stanford, English)
Blakey Vermeule (Stanford, English)

Core Graduate Students

Luba Golburt (Stanford, Comparative Literature)
Lela Graybill (Stanford, Art History)
Hanna Janiszewska (Stanford, English)
Alex Hampton (Stanford, Religious Studies)
Fay Kasemset (Stanford, English)
Joann Kleinneur (Stanford, English)
Yair Mintzker (Stanford, English)
Armando Manolo (UC Berkeley, Comparative Literature)
Len von Morzé (UC Berkeley, English)
Miruna Stanica (Stanford, English)
Emily Wilkinson (Stanford, English)
Kara Wittman (Stanford, English)

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